Liam Robbins Panoramic Photography specializes in the creation of high quality, high resolution, 360 degree spherical panoramic photographs.

Used for internet Immersive Virtual Tours and CD/DVD presentations, 360 degree spherical panoramas enable the viewer to get more of the feel of actually 'being there' than is possible with typical still photographs of a scene.

With the ability to pan left and right through a full 360 degrees, up and down through as much as 180 degrees and zoom in and out on particular points of interest, the viewer has full control of their own immersive viewing experience in ways not possible through standard photography or even videography.

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The Tampa Convention Center is a 600,000 square foot convention center located in downtown Tampa. Its location is ideal with both waterfront and skyline views

Harbour Island and Channelside are across the bridge on the other side of the Garrison Channel.